Thursday, 5 January 2012

How the future looked this week

This was an interesting week for the future. The Bieb slipped 10 points in his bid for the 2053 US Presidential race, and we discovered about the same number of people think the world will end this year as think the Chinese have a shot at winning the World Cup in the next 40 years (assuming the world doesn't end, but I didn't manage to get a cross-correlation of what people thought the Chinese chances were assuming that the world didn't end...)

The mood is fairly evenly split over the fate of the Euro...about half think it is doomed, so we'll keep an eye on that situation. I have a hard time imagining Europe ever giving up on the Euro, so I personally stump for it making the long haul, but these are dangerous waters we are swimming in. It is amusing to imagine the mad scramble of national central bankers to get their own currencies printed and distributed again...but honestly, this wouldn't be funny at all.

Fitting for a portal driven by sci-fi enthusiasts, we have a lot of posts about extraterrestrial intelligence, although surprisingly low numbers seem to vote that we'll find intelligent life out there anytime soon...barely more than half think we'll see any signs before the middle of this century. Then again, it is hard to downplay the unbelievable shift in global consciousness that will occur if we do conclusively see anyone else out there...I suggest a quick read of Peter Cawdron's book "Anomaly" on the topic if interested.

Lastly, I am actively gathering together a group of sci-fi authors to write headlines for PhutureNews, the idea being to link these to stories they are writing and drive traffic to their books or blogs...if anyone out there is interested, just drop me a line at matthew.mather at

See you in the future next week!

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