Thursday, 2 August 2012

When will electric cars outsell gas again?

So when will electric cars again outsell gar powered ones? It wouldn't  not the first time electric cars have outsold gasoline powered cars. In fact, the first “cars” were electric, some of the first constructed by New England inventor Thomas Davenport in 1834, and up until 1900, electric cars outsold gasoline powered ones; in fact over 90% of cabs in New York City in 1901 were electric. The Baker Torpedo was the fastest car in the world in 1902, clocking in at over 120 mph. 

People preferred electric cars for their quiet, clean efficiency, lack of need for gear shifting or cranks to get going, and relative simplicity. It was the oil lobby that changed all that with the discovery of oil in Texas and other places that eventually drove the electric car off the road. In the end, it didn’t make any sense? Why build overlapping energy distribution systems, one for electricity and another for an explosive, toxic chemical. But the oil lobby group won the day.

Major improvements would be needed to help advance the progression back to electric - one such non-linear innovation could be the discovery of room temperature superconductors which would revolutionize energy storage and electric motors at the same time, not to mention energy transmission.

When do you think electric cars will outsell gas cars again?


  1. I believe its a myth that oil companies killed electric cars back when the oil was discovered in Texas. The oil lobby was not as powerful as it is today! In fact the utility companies were more bigger and powerful than the oil companies back then. May be the oil companies killed the electric cars in the 80's when they became quite powerful.

    I believe that when an innovation comes, its hard to kill it in a free market system. Lets take the example of internet, the internet in early 90's was a threat to all the brick and motor stores, publishing companies, newspapers and what not and they are quite big and influential and could not stop the internet companies from eating away their companies.

    Gas is cheap and I know lot of people say that I am talking nonsense, I too hate paying $3- $4 per gallon, but its cheaper than water.

    Electric cars, might not be cleaner as the source of producing electricity is again fossil fuels which has impact on atmosphere, not if all the electricity we consume is made from renewable energy which can be hard. The only thing is that electric cars can be more energy efficient, because power plants are achieving 55% efficiency these days with the combined cycle plants.

    All in all, my take on electric cars is unless they solve the battery recharge issue they have right now ( takes up to 8-10 hours), it can be a hard sell. But, quick charge can change the game.

    I do love the environment, hate politics dampening innovation. But truth is truth haha

    Take care!

    Regards, Vish
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  2. Some expert on Used Cars Texas say that electric cars will not outsell the gasoline-driven ones anytime soon.

    1. It is right electric cars did not outsell the gasoline cars but it will give some handy competition to them.

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