Thursday, 23 August 2012

If you liked Atopia Chronicles...

If you liked Atopia, I'd really appreciate it if could leave a review on Amazon. It helps in more ways than you probably imagine.

I thought more on my post yesterday, being slightly scary suddenly being a best seller on Amazon. I think more of it is just the feeling that I am putting so much of myself out there. All these little ideas I worked on and amused myself with, put into paper, and now the world is reading them and has the ability to say whatever they want about it.

A few years back, my sister was a finalist on American Idol (Sarah Mather...go look her up!) and she got kicked off (by America, it was in the voting rounds by then) when Simon Cowell said some nasty things about her performance. She was devastated, but luckily my family and I had been in LA for that show and were there for her. I knew how much it hurt her to have someone say bad things, live, in front of millions, even if she is an amazing singer and everyone would tell her so.

I get the same sort of feeling now when someone leaves a bad review. I'm not saying don't leave them if you don't like it...that is the idea. really, really feels nice when I read a good review, or feel the way someone connects with what I wrote. It really energizes me as I'm in the long process of writing the second set of books.

I had an email today from an English teacher (Max you know who you are!)  in France who read Atopia and contacted me to say how much he enjoyed it. It has totally made my day today.

So if you liked Atopia, please, please go and leave a review on Amazon. It is so nice to hear from all of you, and energizes me in the process of writing the next one (this is a part time thing for me, I have a regular day nights and weekends is when I write!)

I'll leave some details about the next book in my next post...

ps. and if anyone else feels like dropping me a line, I'd love to hear ideas or thoughts or things you think about Atopia or life or whatever! --

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